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dream job

2020; thirty four; california

I turned down an unbelievable job this past weekend. I let it go because my heart needed a change. I’m not sure what that will look like, but there is something inside of me: a little boy that dreams of adventure, a man who wants to take time to connect with his heart –to connect with people in new and deeper ways.

This year of mine, my thirty fourth year, will be a year of communion. Resting at the table. Feasting. Exploring what it looks like to live a contemplative lifestyle in the 21st century. Not earning God’s love but living dunked in the river of his delight. Taking time to explore just how deep and wide this thing really is. How deep can I fall into his presence?

This isn’t a way to distance myself. I’m not running away. I’m running towards the father and his children. Slowing down to see heaven on earth.

Today, my first day on the job, I was walking out of the gym when I saw a couple –who were living in their car– chewing each other out. I walked up to them and started a conversation. I felt Holy Spirit invite me to take a walk with the dude. So Ken and I took a walk. We wondered around West Oakland as I listened to his story. He had a lot to share and I was grateful to listen. I completely lost track of time. As we wondered back to their car, I got to pray for his eye. He had lost his eye ball in an accident and so we prayed for a new one to grow back. We also prayed for his court cases to be dropped. And we prayed against all the devils that were coming against him. I believe his breakthrough is coming!

This is my dream job. I get to roam the earth untethered to a clock. I get to meet new people. See new realms of God’s glory. Get to know Jesus a little better. Get to know myself a little better too. And maybe I’ll finally visit Montana.

Anyways, I’m all yours now, drop me a line and let’s hang.

February 20th, 2020