The Gospel

As understood from Colossians 1:21-23

After what happened in the garden, we separated ourselves from God. We were living with no eternal hope. There was something holding us back. Something keeping our hearts from true freedom. But Papa, knowing that this would happen, already had a plan to bring us back.

Papa released a supernatural Peace and His name is Jesus. Because of who Jesus is and what he did on this earth, sin is now over and we are finally back in perfect harmony with our Dad.

Right now, truly, in this very moment, there is absolutely not a thing standing between you and the God of the universe. Get this straight, not only are you in Him, and He in you, but He isn’t upset about what happened in the past. He gazes into your eyes and with His smile he says: I love you, you are holy, flawless, and I’m so glad you are back home.

We have faith in His love. This is the gospel. Let’s be sure to let our friends and family know that the separation is over.

December 10th, 2019