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Infected with Goodness ⚚

This thing has come to steal, kill, and destroy. God is only good. Disease is not from Him. Jesus wants to consume disease, fear, and poverty with healing, joy, and prosperity. Jesus has prepared the perfect solution and it is our pleasure to seek it out. Satan is not God’s equal and opposite. It’s the will of Jesus to end corona. Jesus will make the enemy repay all that has been stolen.

We have an ace up our sleeve. The deck is stacked. We have the resurrection blood of Jesus in our veins. We have one hundred percent, complete, and total immunity. There is no virus that can separate you from the love and life that is your inheritance. Your body will either be blessed or you will pass on to eternity. I know that’s tough, but it’s true. Both of the options are great. The enemy doesn’t have a thing on you! You are free.

The end of corona is near. I believe that rapid testing and medicinal cures are coming any day now. Bless every person who is heroically working on a solution. I believe that the enemy has overplayed its hand. People are coming together in great acts of generosity and love. We are growing in new ways that wouldn’t have been possible had this event not occurred. We will soon reflect back on these days and be in wonder of Papa’s solution to this problem. We will be amazed at the new plants in our garden.

You and I can bring heaven to earth right now. Every conversation you have with friends, strangers, believers, and soon-to-be believers is a chance to discover Papa’s goodness. One of my favorite ideas from Steve Backlund is the notion that the highest form of spiritual warfare is the acceptance or rejection of thoughts or feelings. You don’t need shofar and oil to battle the enemy. All you need is to bring: hope, encouragement, life, joy, laughter, money, time, reasonable distance, and hand soap to every connection you make. You have the spiritual authority to defeat corona and the nasty spirits that follow it. You have the common sense to protect your friends, families, and neighbors.

Let’s buy wine with no money. Let’s eat a feast that money can’t buy. I release the joy of Jesus to you right now. If you are reading this, you are now equipped for joyfare!

March 21st, 2020

Here are some practical ideas:
  1. Venmo someone in your phone who works at a restaurant
  2. Get takeout at a coffee shop and tip 100%
  3. Facetime your grandparents
  4. Text a friend a funny gif
  5. Try to look at people in the eyes and smile at them
  6. Talk about solutions and breakthrough with your friends
  7. Buy a gift card from your hair salon

If I can help, email me! r@32k.io