No Greater Miracle

The miracles of Jesus have consumed my spiritual thinking for some time. Why do they matter? What is the purpose of the miracles? If someone were to show up in Los Angeles in 2014 and perform physical healing, impromptu conversions of water into wine, should we then conclude that the person responsible for such acts must be God? Are miracles a proof of God’s existence?

I don’t suppose that answers to the aforementioned questions will erode my faith; however, they are fun to consider. But more importantly, and in my opinion, the greatest miracle Jesus ever performed was his unwavering love for people. He loved people who loved him back and He loved people who crucified him. He loved people that society despised and He loved people who society upheld.

In my own life’s journey I have spent a great deal of time harboring hate towards people. I hate when people steal the credit for my work. I hate when other people succeed at something that I have not succeeded at. I hate when people drive like idiots on the freeway. I can’t imagine a life that is totally free from hate. Yet, I believe, Jesus lived such a life. And in my opinion, this was the greatest miracle Jesus ever performed –a life of love.

February 21st, 2014