No King of Bitcoin

I’ve been devouring Dan Carlin’s work on the Achaemenid Persian empire and it has opened my eyes to the long and short of human civilization. On one hand, as a species, our time in the universe is so small but on the other hand, as americans, we are part of a story that is much greater than I had realized.

This has encouraged me to think about money –USD in particular– in a whole new light. I’ve come to a new appreciation of bitcoin: never have we had a currency with no king. There are no swords or bullets imposing bitcoin on us. We are choosing it. There are no national or biological requirements to use it.

The way I see it, bitcoin will be part of a planetary conflict. I’d also wager that the war will end up looking like it always has: freedom vs. slavery. Control vs. freedom. But I am hopeful that freedom will win and that all can make use of a money that is true, accessible, and without of corruption.

May 7th, 2021