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Proverbs 28:9

If you close your heart and refuse to listen to God’s instruction, even your prayer will be despised.

Lately I’ve been thinking on what it means to wait on God. In the Hebrew, waiting doesn’t really mean to sit idle until a solution appears. Instead the word invites us to seek and discover the desire that we’ve shared with God.

This Proverb says that our prayers (in this case I understand prayer to mean a request to our Father) will not be answered so long as our hearts and ears are closed to Papa. This is almost tautological. Meaning that it is akin to saying: you cannot see with your eyes closed. But there is some wisdom here. How many times do we fire off a genie-in-the-bottle request to God for parking spaces, health, winning a football games, whatever; from a place of our self-imposed separation from Him?

I think Solomon is giving us insight into the heart of the Father. When we are walking with Papa, when our heart is connected to his, when we’ve been in conversation with him then our hearts and ears are trained to his voice. We know what moves him and we know how he talks to us. Then, when we bring a need to him, we are now in a position to actually hear his solution.

I wonder how many answered prayers have gone unfulfilled simply because I didn’t actually listen to his answer. I wonder how long I’ve been lazily waiting when His answer was designed to be discovered.

March 28th, 2020