Where is God?

For most of my life I have had this feeling that God was always over there. I felt like I could get him to come over here if I was being a good boy.

Lately I’ve been seeing God in a different light. The first thing we know about God is that he is a creator. I’ve been seeing myself –and everyone else– in the creation. I see the entire world as being in his mind; or as an expression of his thought. In this view, there is no separation. I don’t exist apart from God. Whether I’m in the holy of holies or in the pit of hell, I’m still in God.

But doesn’t Sin separate us from God? What is sin? I don’t entirely know. Creation is a wave. Everywhere we look in our natural world we see patterns and similarities. We see how trees reproduce. We see how water, rain, heat, and the moon are in relation to one another. We see the sun and the stars. We are active when the sun is up and we sleep when the sun goes down. There is a wave that we are all riding. Sometimes we fall off the wave. Sometimes we sing out of tune. Sometimes trees develop changes that hurt the grove. Sometimes a wolf will orphan the mama bear’s cubs. Creation and design are giving us a path to follow.

So what about Jesus? I’ve heard it said: The world was made so that Christ could be born. Jesus was the lamb that was slain before the foundations of the world. In the beginning was The Word.

It’s hard to imagine that God had to correct a mistake. That God had to fix something. Especially when I come back to my understanding that we –the creation– are not separate from God. In some strange way, the fall, the reverberations against the true wave, were all part of the story. Jesus came to cosmically declare that we are reconciled. The incarnation is God’s acceptance of humanity. The cosmic resurrection is your inclusion in God –weather you like it or not 🤪

Where am I?

November 11th, 2020